Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Does Your Title Define You?

I'm thinking about the roles & responsibilities we take on, the titles that are given to the work we do, and how that influences some people to work and act a certain way. Here's what I'm wondering:
  • Does your title accurately describe the roles and responsibilities you assume on a regular basis?
  • When you tell people your title, does it help them understand what you do or further confuse them?
  • Do you do certain things, and perhaps not do others, because it is or is not (by definition) part of your title? In other words, does your title limit you or what you imagine is possible for you to accomplish?
  • Do you interact with or perceive people, or yourself, differently based on their title?
  • If you had no title and were going to create one based on only the most impactful as well as interesting things you do, or want to do, what would your new title be?